“The first step is always the hardest”. This can be painfully true for a lot of things I do. I sometimes think that if procrastinating were a sport I could be its ambassador. I admit that I can get quite lazy but I also know that the way you begin can have an overwhelming effect on the outcome. A house needs a sturdy foundation, a song with a good initial hook can keep you listening endlessly.

In literature, the incipit not only introduces the characters and sets the scene and the mood but it is also when, usually within the first lines, that a reader decides whether or not he or she likes it and will continue reading. So much scrutiny is placed on the opening sentences that there are academic courses and classes dedicated to this. A good example is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, “1801.-“. Countless critical studies have been dedicated to this one number.

But this isn’t a literary course (though I plan to have some posts on literary pieces). The real reason for this post is cats…and dogs…animals in general.

I find myself usually spending too much time on Youtube. My subscriptions include all sorts of channels – health and nutrition, gaming, entertainment, news, science and technology, culture, and depending on mood, I always have something to watch. I only occasionally find anything interesting in the recommended feed so I just don’t bother. These were a pleasant surprise.

Before anything I need to mention that I am in no way, shape or form affiliated or connected to these channels. I like what they do and think more people should check them out:

VetRanch – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXSCm3S2XZHLBz8kH0N5Heg

An American veterinary office that helps, treats and tries to find homes for animals that otherwise might not get medical care. Besides their regular patients they also take strays and even animals that are waiting to be euthanized, patch them up and give them another change in a loving environment. Dr Matt along with the other doctors on staff make videos showing the patients as they arrive, the treatment and then the outcome. Warning, quite a few videos have graphic images from during operations.

The other channel that is actually similar to this is Animal Aid Unlimited, India – https://www.youtube.com/user/AnimalAidUnlimited

For me, this second one was even more touching. Their videos show cases that are usually more raw, that seem more hopeless. What impressed me is their dedication and compassion. There is a stark contrast between the Texas up-to-date vet office and the reality of less developed, more rural Indian background. The “operating room” is usually just a table outside around which doctors and volunteers try to save lives. There is no fancy editing, no modern equipment just authentic and genuine love for animal.

Why did I start my post with such a long exposition about beginnings and described only succinctly the channels? Because endings can be as difficult as beginnings…and also I would rather you made your own mind about the videos. I’m also not suggesting making donations or anything but just by watching these videos anyone can help, both by creating awareness and also generating views which translate in (a small) Youtube revenue which in turn goes to helping more animals.

Check them out, if you like them maybe subscribe. I’m off to hug some cats.

PS: I intended for my first actual post to be a bit more…substantial, to tackle some philosophical or social issue, to start of strong but I felt a very strong desire to share and highlight this topic.

Anyway, first dates are supposed to be a bit more laid-back (right?).


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